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How to create an IFE?

An IFE is an inventory Free Exception, also called ghost booking, it is a reservation that you have externally and you want to add it to the system.

In the Amsterdam platform, you can create IFEs in two different ways: from users list or add an IFE in an existing File.

Create IFE from users list

If you choose this option, a new File will be created with the IFE as booking.


Create IFE from Booking Workspace

If you choose this option, the new IFE the new IFE will be added to the File from which you created it.


IFE's creation process

IFE’s creation process consists of 4 steps Service, Passengers, Prices and Policies that we will describe below.

  1. Service

In the first step, the service data will be loaded. The service can be general or specific as we see in the image (general, hotel, car, transfer, insurance), depending on which we choose will be the data that we will have to complete. The data is referred to as the type of service you choose and includes descriptions, dates, service name, image, among others.

After completing the data correctly, the next button will be enabled to continue to step 2.

  1. Passengers

In the second step, the passenger information, the status of the reservation and the confirmation number will be loaded.

You can add one or more passengers. After loading the main passenger, a "Add another passenger" button will appear to add more passengers, but as a minimum, you must load one. 

After loading the information, the Next button will be enabled.


  1. Prices

In the third step, the information on the prices, internal provider and remarks will be loaded.

You can add taxes. The net cost will be calculated based on the client's sale and the commission. After loading the information, the Next button will be enabled.

  1. Policies

In the fourth and last step, the policy information will be loaded.

You can create an IFE without policies information or add a policy with the "Add another policy" button. If you create an IFE without policies, the cancellation and modification policies will be that the client can cancel and modify the booking free of charge.

If you click on the button to add another policy, you must upload the information according to the type of policy chosen: cancellation, modification or payment. You can add more than one policy

Finally, you can just create an IFE with "Create New IFE" or check "Create Another IFE" to create another one and the IFE creation window will be restarted. If you check "Send Notifications", the Service and File New emails will be sent, depending on the case, as in the normal reservations.

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